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If you work, there is one particular fact you should be aware of. It’s more than a fact, actually, it’s a reality, and here it is: if you have a job, the chances that you might get fired, laid off, injured, or otherwise find yourself no longer having a job are there, and it can happen to you. It may not make it any easier to accept, but it’s true. If you’re injured, you may need to contact a trustworthy Philadelphia workers compensation attorney like Todd Lasky at Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky.

Sometimes, unemployment, whether through firing, downsizing or whatever other fancy term your superiors want to call it but it still means you no longer have a job, does not occur for the right reasons. Rather, circumstances occur which end up with you being ousted from your job for no apparent reason, and certainly undeservedly. It is at times such as these that you may run into difficulty in filing for unemployment compensation.

Depending on how your “separation” from your former position is worded in your personnel file or other documentation, State and Federal unemployment agencies may find reasons to deny your claim to collect unemployment benefits. This can be true even if you have contributed to State and Federal unemployment funds during the time you were employed. So, now you are left not only with no job, but with no income.

This is where an unemployment compensation attorney can help, especially if you feel as though you have no recourse. At Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, we have attorneys who specialize in working with unemployment compensation claims. These attorneys have experience in the process required to file for unemployment benefits, as well as in representing you should your employer contest your claim, thus causing a hearing to have to be held. This will be of great benefit to you, as it is for certain your former employer will have legal representation.

If you have been fired or otherwise been dismissed from your job, and you feel or have proof that the dismissal is unfair, you should contact one of our unemployment compensation attorneys as soon as possible. We can’t start helping you until we know what your particular situation is, and where you stand at the present.

If you have been denied unemployment compensation, your first thought may be that the last thing you have money for is an attorney. That does not have to be a concern, as the initial consultation with us is free. You can make an appointment by calling 215-875-7030, or by going to our contact us page and completing the online form, which will have an attorney contacting you within 24 hours.